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Welcome to the TeamTalk servers page. Here, you will be able to connect to TeamTalk servers sent by other visitors, and you will also be able to send your own TeamTalk server.

Something's wrong with a server! What can I do?

We usually try to investigate every server we receive, but everyone can make mistakes, so we may sometimes accidentally overlook important information about the server we received, thus publishing a server that would affect visitors. of our website. If you still notice something wrong with one of the servers available on this page, please report it.

AhmedJamai TeamTalk Server


Unknown Gang 2.0 TeamTalk Server

Christian Rola Official TeamTalk Server

the wolfpack glade



Ulisesm Server


  • Host:
  • Description: for chatting and uploading files
  • TCP and UDP Ports: 10444
  • Account: Request an Account
  • Gaming

    Audio Games

    Timm Server

    Open TeamTalk



    TTM Phil Dream House Server

    Landon's TT Server

    Adam's Server

    victormedrano's Server

    Mahdi Abedi's TeamTalk Server

    kalahami's server


    Dingo's TT Retreat

    MaxProject Server

    Pax's Server

    Simter's Restaurant

    DHT's TeamTalk Zone

    Urh's Safe Haven


    Maxi Server

    captainamericas server

    Ivan's Server

    mahdi productions teamtalk server

    Adns server

    Cornel's Server

    Alternate evil chocolate cookie server

    Angels Clan Public Server

    Destructatron's Server

    Patrick's Existance Spot

    rb studios team talk hub

    Flight Productions Server


    Adriano's Server

    Monkey's Island

    Ronan and Lucy's Server

    Sediment's Server


    Alden's Server

    bluefire server

    Brandon's TT

    Rich's Server

    Gabdillon Public Server

    tonios server

    Storm and Daniel's Server

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