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Here you will see the list of all the people who sponsored us supporting the platform.

Florian Ionascu

This generous boy helped us from the very beginning of the project, both financially and morally. He was the one who twice sponsored our .net domain that we use now. Thanks, Florian! Without you, this project wouldn't have existed. Visit Florian's Website

Vlad Ciotescu

Vlad understood my financial situation very well and helped me with a very fast and convenient hosting for Blindie Connect. Vlad also sponsored our .net domain together with Florian and Cornel. Thanks!

Cornel Ivanescu

Cornel is the third person who contributed to the sponsorship of the .net domain we use. Thanks!

Becoming a Sponsor

If you want to be the one who sponsors the next .net purchase or something else, you can contact us using any method on the contact page.
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