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Discord servers

Like TeamTalk servers, here you can join other people's Discord servers, or submit your own.


Before submitting a Discord server, please make sure that the invite link that you provide doesn't expire. You can do that by changing the invite link settings in the Discord app when you generate one. Thank you.

Available Servers

Blindie Connect Official Server

This is our official server. Please read the rules before writing in the chat.

Ty's Server

Just a little server. It only has one voice and one text channel, but more will be added if people ask. No bullying allowed. Swearing is allowed, but be respectful.

chiptune Cafay

If you love chiptune, and want to make your own, this is the place for you! Rules are there upon join, please follow them. There are sighted people on here, so when introducing, please state somewhere that you are blind.

neos server

a good server to hang out. It's starting out not too big of a community but with your help it will grow. Always be tuned for updates in the updates channel and hang out in the hang out channel.

The Emulation Land

This is a server for all of you who is into emulation, This server is full of emulation. Do you have questions, want to play some emulated games or just chill., This is the place for you.

Rich's Server

A fun place where people can come hang out. There's not much here, and more can be added if people want it. The only thing we ask is that you do not bring drama here, and please be respectful to everyone. Thanks for coming and enjoy.


The server of the evil chocolate cookie. Please try to stick to English.

Florian's Server

This is another Discord server where you can hang out. English, Romanian and Italian are spoken.

Storm and Daniel's Server

Here you can chill out and have fun with my friends. Please note that Romanian might be spoken sometimes.

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