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Blindie Connect is a service that will help you easily connect to the most active TeamTalk and Discord servers. Also, here you have the opportunity to promote your own TeamTalk and Discord server or website that other visitors of this site can connect to.

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Many of us perform tasks in our spare time that we like and therefore they make us feel happy. They come from hobbies. We like to sing, to draw, to paint, to dance, to cook, to travel, to practice a certain sport, to create content etc. Earning money isn't important for us, we enjoy because we do those things. As we enjoy for what we do, we want to let others know about that, that's why we always search for ways to promote our activity. You are one of us, isn't it? If so, why wouldn't promote what you do? You could help others so and you would have a double joy. Firstly, you will be happy because you could do something you like today, and secondly you will feel much better because you could help someone. Obviously, you can earn money, but it isn't so important. Now I'll give myself as an example and I can say that my hobby is software translation. I've been doing it for a few years in my spare time. It relaxes me and it makes me enjoy, because I think I help those Romanians and Italians who don't speak English use the apps in question. You can find further details about the projects I got involved in on the Portfolio web page. What I want to say is that I was home in a Sunday of February 2019 and I had nothing to do. I started to write a page in Notepad, then two, then three, until the website was ready to be online, after four days of work. That's its tale. It's the way I promote my spare time activity. I created the podcasts section for entertainment. I decided to help you promote what you do. If you have an YouTube channel, a Facebook or Instagram page, a Twitter account or a small business, e-mail me at, and I'll help you.
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In this small project, only me with a few friends are working. Therefore, any donation will help us grow this project and make it popular. Every penny counts. Get involved, become one of the donors of the Blindie Connect service!
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